N’DOUR Mickaël

Michael was born in France in the small town of Remiremont in the department of les Vosges. He is the fourth child in a family of nine children. Mickaël grew up in the neighborhood of Rhumont in Remiremont. having trouble fitting in, he leaves mainstream education for professional studies in electrical engineering. a few years later he teach himself filmmaking . From an early age, he was influenced by French cinema and Hollywood to begin with, but it's the art house cinema that was the real game changer. So he moved to London in 2002 and began his cinematic adventure with film students and friends. It is in the British capital that he began his directing career with two feature films, "Highlight" in 2007 and "je suis Daddy" in 2011( the feature film is semi-autobiographical). The films of Mickael N'Dour are rooted in social reality. His willingness to work often with non professionals actors, have earned him comparison with filmmakers like Ken Loach and Mike Leigh or more recently Maïwen.

latest news

For his latest project entitled " Danse Avec Moi " Mickaël has set up a fundraiser campaign on the platform ulule.com/danseavecmoi, a call for donations is be used to finalized this independent feature lengh film. For more information CLICK HERE